Odyssey Control SL Keyboard for Serato Scratch Live DJ's



DJDeals.com is proud to present  the LED color changing Odyssey Control-SL Keyboard for Serato DJ’s. It’s a portable Serato Keyboard that has a special color coded Serato shortcut keys. The Odyssey Control-SL Keyboard keyboard makes it much easier for Serato DJ’s to take advantage of Scratch LIVE’s extensive keyboard shortcut functions including it’s many”control” and “alt” key combinations. DJ’s can now search, load, mix and scratch their tracks even faster. Other similar products that you place over your keyboard are only made for MAC. You say you don’t like the feel of the keys with a keyboard skin over it? Then you’ll love the Odyssey Control-SL Keyboard. Don’t forget this LED keyboard can change color as well! With a simple press of a button DJ’s can select the color of their choice or let the various built-in color changing programs do their thing. It even has a built-in USB for up to 3 different devices (external hard drive, memory stick, mouse, ect.).

Serato Scratch Live DJ’s as well as Traktor Scratch users are now in total control with Odyssey’s New Control SL keyboard controller. Easy to manipulate color coded backlit shortcut keys allow you, the artist, to be creative and have the flexibility to concentrate on what matters the most, the music. LED backlit keys can keys can be sent to one of the seven colors available or fast scrolling color change mode. Furthermore, there are three additional USB connections in the back allowing you to connect your hard drives or any other USB controlled devices. Wait there is more, it is PC and MAC Compatible.

Features and Specs:
• Easily visible color coded Serato shortcut key layout for both left and right CD/turntable deck
• 7 Color LED backlit keys are great for visibility in any dark environments
• Set your color Preference or choose from two built-in changing modes
• Connect up to 3 additional USB devices
• Cable length is 56″
• PC & MAC compatible
• Traktor Scratch Compatible Short Cuts

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