Native Instruments has announced Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro, the next versions of its digital DJ solutions with MIDI and time-code control. Traktor Pro touts four full-featured decks, extensive sound shaping and MIDI control options.

The new Traktor Scratch Pro combines the full-featured Traktor Pro software with the Audio 8 DJ interface and a set of high-resolution time-code records and CDs for responsive hands-on control through turntables and CD decks. Traktor Pro introduces a new graphical user interface that includes a completely scalable screen layout and cover artwork support including the Crate Flick” feature that allows DJs to visually browse their music library.

There are also advanced syncing functions in Traktor Pro. Precise beat grids are now created automatically for all tracks, and the “Sync Lock” function is designed to ensure that even multiple decks and tempo-synced effects never drift out of sync. New “quantized navigation” also allows DJs to jump between loops, cue points or any other part of a track without missing a beat.

Traktor Pro also sports a performance effects section. Two separate multi-effect units offer more than 20 studio-quality algorithms, from a full range of standard DJ effects to a selection of unusual effect types like Mulholland Drive, Iceverb and Reverse Grain. Up to six effects can be chained and freely assigned to any number of decks at any time.

Traktor Pro offers MIDI controller integration, and comes with mappings for all relevant DJ controllers on the market, according to the folks at Native Instruments. New “MIDI modifier” functionality provides even finer performance control, allowing for dynamic and multi-layered knob and fader assignments, on-the-fly adjustments of parameter resolution and more, they add. What’s more, new extended MIDI sync features let users integrate outboard gear like drum machines and software sequencers into the mix.

With the new generation of Traktor, the integration with the leading dance music download store Beatport is also enhanced. Starting in 2009, all new releases on Beatport will come with Traktor metadata, enabling DJs to add newly purchased tracks to their collection without any additional preparation time.

Further imProvements in Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro include incremental track search, portable collection and setting files, dedicated key correction and filter sections for each deck, an included library of loops, FX sounds and Scratch files as well as full compatibility with the latest 64-bit Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

Traktor Pro is expected to ship on November 1st; arriving at the same time will be Traktor Scratch Pro, a bundle of Traktor Pro with the Audio 8 DJ interface and a collection of time-code records and CDs. people who already own Traktor Scratch and Traktor 3 will get a free software upgrade.


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