Gruv Glide II Vinyl Record and CD Cleaner is Back!

ROZOIL GRUV GLIDE II RECORD CLEANER used to be the World’s largest retailer of Gruv-Glide back in the day…and then when the record industry dried up, we stopped stocking it….well guess what; now it’s back! With so many DJ’s using Serato & Traktor with vinyl now, the need for Gruv-Glide has exploded, and we wanted to be able to offer it to you guys again!

Gruv-Glide is the original dry record treatment that makes records sound better. Gruv-Glide was developed by people who love music and love playing records!

Gruv-Glide is a patented and trademarked dry record treatment developed in the late 1970′s by Irwin and Bennett Rowe. a father and son team who owned and operated highly successful high-end audio stores in the Southwest. Irwin, a famous electrical engineer and superb trumpet player and musician, loved playing records but was generally dissatisfied with the record cleaners and treatments then available. Some just lined up dust, some attacked the vinyl and altered the record’s molecular structure, and some were costly and difficult to use.

Irwin wanted a record treatment that:
Easy To Use
Improves Record Fidelity
Removes Static
Cleans Records
Improves Tracking
Records & Styli Last Longer
One Application Per Record Side
Treats 150 Records Per Kit (used As Directed)

With those qualities in mind, and his extensive aerospace engineering background, Irwin went to work and tried many formulations. After years of development and extensive testing, Gruv-Glide was formulated and patented. Irwin and Bennett sold the stores and became full-time "GRUV-GLIDERS" in 1981. GRUV-GLIDE is now used world-wide by record lovers and professional DJ’s. GRUV-GLIDE is made with pride in the USA and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Each Gruv-Glide kit contains one 4.5 oz aerosol treatment, two specialized applicator pads, directions and our famous static tester (a foam pellet).

Many of our customers have also been using Genuine GRUV-GLIDE on their CD’s (compact discs) to completely zap away static and make them sound better. Gruv-Glide is safe on all your CD’s

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