Gemini SR-5, SR-6, SR-8 and SR-10SUB Studio Monitors and Subwoofer

The NEW GEMINI SR series includes three active monitor speakers, along with one active subwoofer. The Gemini SR-5, Gemini SR-6 and Gemini SR-8 employ 5-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch glass aramid composite woofers, respectively. The black cabinets also house neodymium drivers on soft-dome tweeters. To complement the setup, the Gemini SR-10Sub sports a 10-inch woofer with 175 watts of Class D amplification.

The Gemini SR-5, Gemini SR-6 and Gemini SR-8 feature bi-amplified designs with front-firing ports for the low frequency drivers and waveguides for the recessed tweeters. Volume and high frequency controls for the monitors, along with crossover frequency adjustment for the sub, also let users adjust their sound to suit their specific mixing environment.

For detailed information on each model, check the links below.


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