Current Music Presents: Embedded with Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation takes us inside their musical empire in Washington, DC, and it’s a completely different side of our Capitol than on your high school field trip. As we tour the DC underground, Thievery brings us inside their custom studio (aptly named the Thievery Consulate), as well as their bar and bistro, an homage to Marvin Gaye.

Plus, Amanda Palmer summons her fans via Twitter for a surprise show announced only one hour before it begins, and Delta Spirit gives us a unique unrehearsed performance aboard a San Francisco trolley.

Current Music Presents: Embedded is a six part special that puts you on the ground and behind the scenes with unrivaled access to your favorite musicians. We’ve traveled the world, going beyond performances to bring you the most intimate and unfiltered moments in artists’ lives. When others stop the cameras, we capture the real story of today’s top musicians.

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