Live Evil with the Tank Evil Headphone


AERIAL7 and Josh Madden have teamed up again to produce the Aerial 7 Tank Evil Headphones.  Based on the huge success of the Madden’s first collaboration with AERIAL7, the Tank Mondrian,  the two partnered again to launch their second patterned design.

According to Madden, the inspiration for the TANK EVIL came from “the true Dare Devils in life who take care of business but don’t forget to keep things interesting.” The TANK EVIL’s design features red and blue stars and lightning bolts, highlighted with chrome accents. When asked to describe the design of the TANK EVIL, Madden said, “its part TCB ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ (Lightning Bolt) and part ‘Patriotic Dare Devil’ (Always Live on the Evil Edge).”

AERIAL7 is known for merging eye-catching designs and superior acoustic technology and do just that with the TANK EVIL. The AERIAL7 Tank headphone’s 57mm driver and over-the ear fit have made it a favorite among some of the world’s greatest DJs. Josh Madden’s fresh design on the TANK EVIL allows DJs to express their Dare Devil lifestyles through their headphones. has also added two other brand new colorways for the Tank Headphones, THE SOLDIER & THE THRASH!





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